Welcome to OSM Environmental

OSM Environmental manufactures and sells a full line of patented, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly spill clean up products, including loose granular as well as universal and hydrophobic pads.  All of our products start with a biodegradable base of recycled agricultural material which has proven to be exponentially more absorbent than the traditional clay-based options without sacrificing performance.  That means you can do more with less!

EconoZorb and 7x products are excellent eco-friendly replacements for heavy clay sorbents. In a loose granular format, they are easy to use – quickly absorbing oil, paint, hydraulic liquids and industrial chemicals. At a retail cost comparable to clay, they’re the perfect solution for oil spills, hydraulic liquid spills or other chemical or paint spills that require fast, efficient absorption and disposal.  Best of all, they contain no silica.

If you work with oil, paint, chemicals or other industrial liquids or fuels, contact us to see how you, too, can start “Greening Up while Cleaning Up”. All products are made in the USA.

We Clean Up Spills:

Oil   –   Hydraulic Fluids   –   Paints   –   Other Liquids

Absorbent Tiles.

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